Riyadh Transit Oriented Development Metro (TOD)

Riyadh Transit Oriented Development Metro (TOD)

Project Description

Transport-Oriented Development (TOD) Strategy

BW Indexa has been commissioned by the ADA to produce a comprehensive Transport-Oriented Development (TOD) Strategy for the City of Riyadh.

The aim of the study is to predict the influence of the new metro system which is currently being implemented and which will be completed in a 5 year period. The system will deliver 96 new stations on 6 lines over 180km of track, half if which will be tunneled. In addition, a comprehensive dedicated bus network with supplement public transport, the net effects bringing fundamental change to a city previously reliant on the car.

The T.O.D. study will predict all new forms of development in close proximity to the stations encompassing land use, density, ownership, movement and public realm. The study has included and in-depth research phase with a particular focus on 10 global cities of research to Riyadh.

It is clear that the study findings will become the prompt for the redrafting of the strategic plan for the redrafting of the Strategic Plan for the city.

23121 REPORT PHASE 3_Priority Sites_Station 1B3-2B2-5



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