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What we do:




INDEXA provide new architecture trend by designing spaces into places. INDEXA designs tends to have great function while having creative form. The company designed biking ought to be smart and sustainable by achieving high efficiency design


Strategic City & Regional Planning

Our strength in strategic planning, also defined as macro level planning, is focused on the allocation of city and regional resources to achieve an identified long-term vision or development goal. We have the capability to contribute to finding solutions to issues such as physical, economic and social transformation, addressing human capital and infrastructure deficits, and environmental management. Working with decision makers, we develop mechanism tools, strategies, policies and programmes that help to balance and prioritize immediate and long-term needs.

Strategic Environment & Sustainability Planning & Development


Our philosophy aims to produce designs which lower demand for valuable resources, provide efficient structures, and deploy innovative technology. INDEXA is skilled to take clients through the complex environmental challenges the 21st Century presents. Helping our clients shape new city developments, implement climate change adaptation projects, designing and implementing strategies to reduce carbon, putting together economic models which take advantage of carbon finance and trading, are among the services we can offer, in addition to the development of sustainability strategies at all scales, for more efficient resource management.

City Management/Service Delivery

Strong city governance is the key to success for any urban development. The organisation must have a clear directional vision, a path to achieve this and defined roles and responsibilities. Through strong stakeholder engagement and the development of management assurance and performance systems, INDEXA can ensure that the correct city management structures are in place to maximise the development’s potential. Then, through our knowledge of service delivery models, we can help clients navigate the management pressures of front line delivery by understanding requirements for good city governance, preparation of stakeholder engagement and partnership programmes, developing better service delivery models either in-house or by outsourcing and facilitating relationships between various agencies to drive efficiency, and improve service delivery.

Integrated Development Planning & Management

Growing pressure on resources, natural, social and financial, has led to the increased importance of integrated master planning in developments around the world. Physical master planning is often one-dimensional, and INDEXA has the skills to provide much richer, realistic Integrated Development Plans. The firm brings its understanding of the fundamentals of market, demographic and social issues, finance, sustainability, design and implementation to finding solutions for the development of new cities, urban quarters and major developments which work from a range of urban perspectives. We provide value for our clients through our rigorous analytical and design services: creating compelling, innovative concepts supported by robust business models and technical and financial feasibility studies. We have experts in a wide variety of disciplines, making integrated project design and execution a reality for our clients.

Urban Economics & Social Inclusion

All too often the spatial configuration and urban design of places is not based on a sound economic rationale and does not consider social inclusivity aspects. Our integrated economics service ensures that these factors are always addressed. Through the use of rigorous economic and social baseline analysis, the review of policies and the political environment and the development of ex-ante economic and social impact analyses, we ensure that any city development will provide the maximum economic and employment returns and ensure social inclusion and the development of social capital. The team’s financial modeling expertise also ensures that developments are commercially viable and, thereby, deliverable in the wider marketplace.



Integrated Urban Transport Planning


Delivering an appropriate and sustainable transportation network for the 21st century is an exciting challenge. INDEXA has a proven track record of successfully planning, designing and enabling urban transport and environmental improvements across all scales of developments. We also have a unique service offering in planning and designing for pedestrians, using science-based methods to turn pedestrian movement from an undervalued resource into a tangible and manageable asset.

Successful transport strategies examine the journeys that people need to make in all aspects of their lives and provide realistic travel options. The services that we provide to our clients range from strategic policy advice and performance management, through all aspects of demand forecasting, behavioral analysis, to accessibility, transport for land development, streetscapes and traffic engineering design.

Understanding traffic and pedestrian movement is key to creating sustainable communities that have been planned, modeled and designed to cope with today’s demands. INDEXA provides an innovative and diverse range of modeling and consulting services alongside wider transport planning consultancy.

INDEXA is a pioneer in developing Transit Oriented Development (TOD) strategies in the Middle East and is working on various government initiated projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.