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Posted on 23/12/2014

INDEXA is a multi-disciplinary “Think – Tank” firm of strategic consultants offering fully integrated solutions to variety of projects and organisations. Serving as an intersection of business, economic, policy, and academia, our expertise spans every facet of the Arab World, from its ancient traditions to the changing realities of complex modern economies and foreign relations. Drawing on the talents and experience of various experts from within the region and further afield, we conduct the most rigorous business, economic, legal, policy and sustainable development analysis of development, and provide comprehensive strategic advice and project recreation consultancy across the full spectrum of the region’s business, legal, political, economic, religious, and social issues, as and when contracted.

We are committed to combining the viewpoints of different disciplines into an integrated approach to problem solving, taking account of different qualitative constraints and goals associated with a particular task or project.

INDEXA investigates innovative technologies and researches new ways to develop innovative solutions. Our work has set the pace amongst its peers with respect to environmental responsibility and sustainability, innovative thinking and project management devising new tools for clients to manage the challenges of the twenty-first century.